"Making of"

Book Review: The Rocky Horror Treasury


Publisher: Running Press

Release Date: September 16, 2014

Most people would agree that The Rocky Horror Picture Show is the ultimate midnight film. The cult phenomenon has embedded itself into pop culture, and such a film begs for a proper book on the subject. This book by Sal Piro (who has been president of the Official Rocky Horror Picture Show Fan Club for over 35 years) and Larry Viezel is such a book.

The text discusses the ‘behind the scenes’ stories and the history of the entire phenomena. There are chapters on the original stage musical productions, the film in question, the midnight phenomenon, and its place in history. However, the book’s 48 pages scarcely allows for a comprehensive look into the film’s creation and impact (especially considering that many attractive photos help to fill much of the space). At best, the text is more of an extended essay.

The design of the book is evidence that it is intended to be a collectable. For example, there is a side panel with 8 buttons that play clips of some of the film’s most popular songs. There is also a compartment included that houses a 9×12 movie poster, 5 temporary tattoos, a party invitation, and a Time Warp dance chart.

The book should please collectors of Rocky Horror memorabilia, but one hopes that a proper “making of” book will eventually be written.


Review by: Devon Powell

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