Production Design

Book Review: The Filmmaker’s Guide to Production Design

'The Filmmaker's Guide to Production Design' Cover

Publisher: Allworth Press

Release Date: May 1, 2002

Vincent Lobrutto’s “The Filmmaker’s Guide to Production Design” is a wonderful companion to Ward Preston’s “What an Art Director Does: An Introduction to Motion Picture Production Design.” While the latter book is a useful introduction to the responsibilities of the Art Director, Lobrutto’s text focuses in on the Production Designer in a bit more detail. The book is surprisingly comprehensive, and there is quite a bit of information to digest. It isn’t exactly one stop shopping for anyone with the desire of getting into the field of production design, but it is a rather solid foundation that one can build further knowledge upon. Future directors would also benefit from reading the text, because anyone with a vision needs to have a basic understanding of what is necessary to achieve that vision. “The Filmmaker’s Guide to Production Design” is recommended reading.

Review by: Devon Powell