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Book Review: Foolproof Filmmaking


Publisher: April 29, 2014

Release Date: Prospecta Press

“Andrew Stevens has mastered every facet of film-making and there isn’t a better teacher out there. This isn’t film school theory, it’s how to make a film in the real world and make a profit.” -Roger Corman (Forward)

Stevens has an impressive résumé, but Foolproof Filmmaking isn’t likely going to satisfy most readers wishing to learn more about independent film-making. However, it is an excellent text for anyone wishing to learn about pre-selling a film, or how to make a film that can be sold. Unfortunately, it is also a text that will lead to many inferior independent films that do nothing but pander to the lowest common denominator. Filmmakers that are weary from seeing inferior films that they have seen a thousand times before will probably become weary reading this book.

It is also somewhat aggravating that Stevens never actually tells the reader how to get a project in front of a buyer (distributor). He writes about film markets, but most of the information given is available online. It will not get the independent filmmaker in front of a buyer (even if they have made a film that is “market friendly”). This isn’t to say that it isn’t worth reading.

Foolproof Filmmaking is recommended, but not essential.

Review by: Devon Powell